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Target influencers who make an impact. Startell connects your brand with a global network of powerful influencers who deliver results.

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By doing extensive and in-depth research, we’re learning to know, understand, and, most importantly, influence your target audience.

Out marketing experts are creating a tailored-made, clear, and effective strategy for every client. Our copywriters and designers will make the most suitable and influential creatives for you. At Startell, we love launching campaigns, but we love optimizing them even better! Our chase for maximum results only begins where other agencies end.

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Target influencers with a broad range of interests to create dynamic campaigns.

As a tech company, we understand the importance of research and development to drive economic growth. In our digital age, transparency and authenticity are paramount. Our advanced metrics ensure your brand makes the right choices that will maximize return on investment.

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We offer brands a comprehensive user friendly platform. From creating mood boards to connecting brands with the right talent and calculating the potential impressions of a campaign, Startell streamlines the process for success.


Search the Startell Universe, filtering for influencers based on interests, location, content platform, follower count, and level of engagement.

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Startell’s global database allows brands to target the right influencers to generate authentic and meaningful campaigns.

Measuring ROI in Real Time

Startell helps brands and influencers track ecommerce sales on an hourly basis, recording the success of a campaign in real time. No more waiting for results.

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