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Communicate and partner with influencers from around the world to create powerful campaigns that will make a difference. 

Strengthen your reputation

Startell connects you with influencers who have a strong, trusting relationship with their audience. We understand that quality is just as important as quantity. By connecting you with the right influencer partners, Startell can help you boost brand awareness and drive sales.

Boost ROI

Word of mouth is powerful and one of the driving forces of sales. Roughly 50% of consumers rely on recommendations from people they follow online and 40% have admitted to purchasing an item after seeing it advertised on Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Startell generates impactful influencer programs.

Reach target audience

Startell has done the work for you. Our unique algorithms have identified which influencers talk about what type of products, along with what their followers are interested in. Startell is already engaged and communicating with your target demographic. Let us connect you to those who want to listen.

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Get Answers

Once an influencer and brand have chosen to work together, influencers will be sent a contract that can be signed virtually by both parties. 

Brands can choose to create and provide their own contracts or use a template from the Startell platform.

Startell has an internal direct messaging system. Influencers will be invited by brands to join a conversation and to begin discussions about campaigns.

We recommend that you refer to the terms of your contract to resolve any campaign issues. You can also visit Startell’s Terms & Conditions for further information.